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    Get up to $500 for each qualifying company that fundraises on Buy The Block.

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    It's satisfying helping Block Developers stop gentrification and get the money they need to expand or grow.

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You don't need any experience, only a love of helping Block Developers. It should take a few days to learn all the material you need to know.

We'll teach you everything you need to know to be a Buy The Block crowdinvesting expert. This includes the types of companies that can be successful at crowdfunding, all the details of the securities laws that Block Developers need to understand, the best choice of investment contracts for a particular business, and the best practices for how Block Developers should run a complete offering.

We'll offer a one-on-one session over Skype where we go over everything you need to know, and mail you fact sheets and brochures. We'll work hand-in-hand with you for the first couple of companies you refer. If at any time you have a question, you can always call us.

We reserve the right to fire Block Developer Success Reps who don't do a good job. Primarily, we want to make sure Buy The Block and Buy The Block crowdinvesting is being presented in the right way - Block Developers must know both the strengths and weaknesses of crowdfunding. We also don't want to waste the time of the Block Developers. This includes choosing to speak with businesses that can actually succeed at a crowdfunding campaign and doing as much of the "busy work" as possible so they can focus on running their business.

Properties & businesses with some traction or proof points that "people care about" do well. This can include an Office Building, Retail, Industrial, Multi-family Residential, Single-family Residential, a well-loved brewery expanding to a second location, a tech startup building solutions for more sustainable farming, or a food truck owner looking to build their first restaurant.

Business owners will need help with three areas: building their profile, filling out their government disclosures (the "Form C"), and preparing properly for their crowdfunding campaign (reaching out to press, their customer list, etc). We estimate it will take a Block Developer Success Rep about 4 hours for an average company.

There is no substitute for building relationships face-to-face. Who are the influencers and investors in your city? Get to know them, they'll introduce you to good properties and companies. Who are the up and coming businesses in your city? Show up and talk to them. Who are the next generation of entrepreneurs who are about to start a business? Hold events - they'll come to you.

We pay the flat $500 per property to Block Developer Success Reps that submit at least 5 companies per month that are either approved or waitlisted. If you take a month off, that's ok. You'll also need to go through our training program to qualify.

We pay up to $500 within one week of the company launching their fundraise on Buy The Block. You receive this payment regardless of whether the fundraise succeeds or fails. To qualify, you must be the first person who introduced the owners of the company to Buy The Block.

No. Block Developer Success Rep can submit as many as you like!

We'll also only accept properties & companies that meet our quality standard. In general, if a property or business has an operating history, real tenants, at least one professional investor, and has no hint of fraud, we'll accept them. If it's just two people and an idea, there might be an exception, but you should talk to us first.

It's currently illegal for Buy The Block to compensate anyone based on the "sale of a security".

If that's your goal, absolutely!


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